Rapid Realty tattoo

If you were offered a 15 percent pay rise to tattoo your employer’s logo on your body, would you do it? Dozens of New York-based Rapid Realty employees have.

Subscribers can watch the news report on the LDL blog. If you’re on the website, it’s embedded below.

Here’s another short video showing two people getting the tattoos.

It’s safe to say that if I was responsible for a team of employees, I’d think of another way to increase their salaries.

Story from CBS News. Via @TheLogoFactory.

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May 1, 2013


I think it’d depend on the company. Google? Sure. Nintendo? Okay. Random Realty company? Probably not.

Then again, given the average NYC salary, a 15% raise could comfortably cover removal costs for when you quit the job…

Woah. Certainly no work / life separation here. It would have to be a very substantially higher pay check and a very tiny tattoo. I’m not sure if I would even do it then because I don’t think I’d want to be literally branded company property. Not to mention the risk of it getting infected and the costly and not always effective removal.

No way. Really? Tha’s like saying “Hey I’m so incompetent that the only way to get a decent raise is to tattoo my company’s logo on my body, which I owe my life to (since I’m incompetent and they pay me for being their bitch).”

People get far more ridiculous tattoos than this without any pay rise. It does conjure images of a dystopian future where people are walking billboards, but if you already sacrifice your mortality for a job, what’s so bad about a bit of flesh?

Companies shouldn’t be encouraging this full stop. The parallels with slavery I find distasteful. By all means get employees to wear a uniform, but this is something you can’t take off at the end of the day, if the company changes it’s identity, or if the employee changes the company.

if you want employees to work better, offer them better incentives, better work conditions, more interesting work, more responsibility, show them as an employer you care about them, let them know their work is good, support them if they need it.

Make their work life rewarding. Don’t brand them.

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