“A typical problem, in that it involves two unrelated subjects:

“Television Associates wanted to use the initials, TA as a logo. Instead of trying to do a trendy, graphically exciting monogram, which doesn’t communicate anything, I made the problem more interesting:

“How can the initials TA also say TV?”

Television Associates logo

Shown in Bob Gill’s Graphic Design as a Second Language.

Also by Bob Gill: AGM logo.

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May 3, 2010



Define problem.
Solve problem.

It’s such a simple approach. Bob gill was brilliant at redefining the brief. It always contained the answer.

And yet there seems to be an emphasis, especially in marketing, on making things complicated.

Great logo! Simple yet sophisticated! :) My father’s wife just told me about your site over Skype. I will be certainly looking deeper into it, and I’ll post my thoughts on things I like or dislike.

ps- I added you on facebook

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