Benchmarks Awards

All Benchmarks entrants are asked to demonstrate how their branding programmes or campaigns work across a variety of different communication platforms. While a single example of brilliance cannot win a Benchmark, a strong strategic concept, which can be shown to work effectively in a variety of areas, will be a lively contender within its category.

The 2009 Awards brought some interesting results, not least this category winner by The Partners.

Eagle Clean logo design

Eagle Clean is a small London cleaning company which needed an identity that would engage prospective clients such as offices, restaurants, bars and clubs in a particularly uninspiring sector.

Eagle Clean stationery design

Eagle Clean signage design

The Partners used Eagle Clean’s rubber gloves to develop a playful graphic device on signage and uniforms. The logo comes to life online as the gloves clean the screen, making it spotless to the viewer.

Eagle Clean website design

View the Eagle Clean website.

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen such an inspiring, well done logo that wasn’t drawn. it’s like the gloves have accidentally fallen into that position. Bravo to The Partners.

This is certainly a unique site and branding design, with some different features including a very bold branding style. The logo concept is particularly good, combining the cleaning gloves into an eagle shape is effective.

The website design is quite simple, but the usage of the video behind the text grabs attention, it’s a fantastic example of flash being used to full effect as upon seeing the site you assume it is a plain HTML site, until the video appears. Since this site is based in Flash it would be interesting to see how SEO is performed on the site, and how this is approached.

I look forward to seeing more Benchmark award winners and portfolios. If the standards continue to be this high they will certainly be worth referencing for future products.

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