Golden Wattle flag Australia

Alternatives crop up, one of which is the Golden Wattle.

“The wattle is our only authentic national symbol – totally, unambiguously of this land. It is not conflicted or qualified in its identity or loyalty. It is eloquently, elegantly and undoubtedly Australian.”
— Terry Fewtrell, President, Wattle Day Association

Golden Wattle flag Australia

Australia’s official floral emblem is the golden wattle, with about 950 different species of wattle being native to the country.

Golden Wattle

Green and gold are Australia’s national colours, and were derived from the golden wattle leaf and blossom. The flag emblem has the dual meaning of the wattle and the seven-pointed Commonwealth Star that’s created by the central negative space.

Golden Wattle flag Australia

Golden Wattle flag Australia

Golden Wattle flag Australia

Designed by Jeremy Matthews of Ammunition, it’s my favourite from these alternatives (below) recently featured in the press.

Australian flag proposals

Read the full rationale on the Golden Wattle flag website.

Via Why? (a superb new site from Mucho).


Great design by Jeremy Matthews, reminicent of the Designers Republic’s work on the flags for Wipeout 2097. Love the use of negative space, dual meaning and clean solution.

Very good, but would be better without the ‘star’ in the middle, which could be avoided by rounding the inward point of the ‘droplets’.

Love it! I really like that the wattle star emblem is primarily a unifying symbol, many united equally as one. Also, that it combines two national symbols, wattle and Commonwealth Star in one emblem.

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