New from Pentagram, for The Oak Bar. Loving the contextual images.

The Oak Bar logo

The Oak Bar logo

The Oak Bar logo

The Oak Bar logo

The Oak Bar logo

More information / photos over on the Pentagram blog.



can’t say I’m overwhelmed. I mean it’s nice enough, very tastefully done, that colour palette of chocolate brown and light green is familiar. The monogram is a nice wee device but surely should be used sparingly and with care, I mean woven into a carpet? Maybe it has to be seen in context so my opinion is relatively uninformed on that basis, but based on the photographs I think that between the carpet and the windows is the execution looking a bit clumsy?

I love the monogram and the color palette, but that big fat T in the logo type feels out of place with the narrow O, B, and R. I know a capital T in the blackletter style is going to be fat, but perhaps a lowercase there would have worked? Or offsetting the whole “the” maybe.

I’m not about to flame Pentagram in any way here (I think they’re the best thing to happen to graphic design since the invention of the pencil), but I agree with David.

The monogram should be used sparingly, as a secondary logo. The rug is a bit overwhelming; maybe a nice pattern with only the acorn bits should have been used.

I feel that the extra width of the “T” in “The”, compared with the “O” in “Oak” and the “B” in “Bar”, makes the logo look unbalanced compared to the better two historical versions on the Pentagram blog.

Very nicely done. Though, doesn’t the “T” look really out of place? Every other character is condensed. The Oak Bar must have had some money to spend. Is there anyway to figure out the amount? I’m always curious about that.

I’m in two minds about this. I like ‘O’ monogram as a mark on it’s own, although I don’t like it being applied to everything under the sun.

I just get the feeling that this was a little easy.

I love Pentagram and their style, always have. However, when you go to Pentagram it seems like you are usually looking for something new and fresh… something that is a little outside the box. I still like the identity, but it does feel a little traditional.

However, maybe that’s what they are going for. Oak Bar is obviously proud of their tradition, hence the “since 1907” tag. Maybe they are aiming to present themselves as established and traditional.

David that was my first impression also, that “T” sticks out like a sore thumb. If anything I could understand emphasis on the “O” not the “T”. I am having a hard time finding what’s special about this logo too, other than the fact they spent money placing it in a carpet pattern.

Thanks for the differing opinions, everyone — always healthy.

To be honest, I’m not keen on the window (as David mentions), and think it’d look better with less ‘O’s. Compare it to the stationery, which to me appears much more classy.

As for the carpet, try not to let the dodgey-looking sandal impair your judgement. It’s an improvement on the window because there’s less contrast, giving a more subtle impression.

I have to admit, I am not familiar with the original project objectives (I failed in researching on this one) and the creative process that lead to that but I am a bit disappointed by Pentagram this time (I usually like a lot what Pentagram comes up with as I am also a fan of Siegel + Gale)… But I think the quality of the shots for the different applications of the monogram is what’s most exiting about this project…. sorry……….


would you know the name of the typeface/font they are using by any chance ?

unless it’s a custom one ?

The identity is very beautiful, as expected from Pentagram. But, even though they have selected a style that very well suits the client, that doesn’t mean the particular typeface they used here is the best choice. I’m not a fan of slim O. The one used here looks more like a zero (0) And as a result when combined into a logotype, both the T and the B overpowered it.

I don’t know, I’m sure there are hundreds of this Gutenberg Bible old style typeface out there (sorry, I don’t know the exact term) with better letter O.

I love the monogram. And that neck tie shown at Pentagram blog. I want one, lol.

Well going off first glances I quite liked it, I do like a bit of Blackletter. Thing is, as mentioned before, the ‘T’ is soooo wrong and if this is clearly obvious to us then surely Pentagram would have noticed that too? I love what they’ve almost done, the monogram is a nice touch and looks really nice on all the little accents (pins, ties…etc), plus, the copper is really nice.

The problem(s) I have with it, other than the ‘T’, is that the leaves on the monogram seem a little blobby and the so-called redrawn logotype is pretty much identical to the red example on their blog.

I know pattern is everywhere at the moment but a nice, delicate yet strong use of a bespoke repeat pattern would have worked nicely in this instance. Maybe even just a section of pattern rather than an all over repeat.

Kinda just looks like all of the current bar identities around at the moment, nice, safe, but lacking balls and soul.

Definitely a mixed reception overall, and zwetan, I’m not too sure what font was used.


If every visitor’s wearing those sandals, the carpet should be fine. :)

Thanks David, Panasit, Al. Always good to read what you’re thinking.

I think it works well in context but that the monogram is better than the actual logo itself which is let down by notable flaws such as the out of place T already mentioned.

The monogram is used extensively yet to me there seems to be insufficient visual links between the monogram and the logo design.

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