The Public Theater logo design

In 1994, Paula Scher was commissioned to create a new identity and promotional graphics system for The Public Theater. 15 years on, and the design has been honoured by the Art Directors Club.

Pentagram squeezed 300 pieces of Public design work into a 45 second video collage (shown above).

The Public Theater brochure design

More of The Public Theater work on the Pentagram website.

I’ve always admired The Public Theater identity.

Read more about Paula Scher.

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May 2, 2009


I adore Paula Scher and her work, but that video seemed rather pointless, didn’t it? It was more like a ‘look at how much we did! yayay!’ rather than a chance to actually show a few nice pieces of work.. maybe im missing the point, and that was the goal?

That being said, congratulations to her and I agree, the logo is fantastic and the work she’s done over the years is too.

I absolutely love this. The De Stijl styled layouts are both retro and fresh at the same time. Simultaneously I’m a little ambivalent, though. I feel like the world needs more good clean design like this, but in doing so it would be less special. I wish I saw more stuff like this, but at the same I don’t. It would spread the message of good design, yet lessen its impact. Sometimes I feel like enjoying good design is very difficult.

All around though, amazing stuff.

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