Written by Mark Sinclair of Creative Review, and published by Laurence King, TM is a new hardcover that gives an intriguing insight into many classic marks.

“The seeds of this book were sown in a special issue of Creative Review magazine, in which my colleagues and I attempted to tell the stories behind the creation of some of the world’s best-known logos.

“As with the issue, this book is also a group of favourites, rather than an attempt at a definitive ‘best ever’ list. The logos are not ranked in any order; while they have each vied for attention in the real world, they are not in competition here.”

TM, the untold stories behind 29 classic logosAll 29 logos featured within the book

TM, the untold stories behind 29 classic logosInitial sketches for the Deutsche Bank symbol

TM, the untold stories behind 29 classic logos

There’s 30% off through Laurence King with the LOGOLOVE30 code at checkout. Or pick up a copy on Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk.


I agree with Roberto, if there’s not a single attempt at competition why tag them as “classic logos”?

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