Despite contention in the CR Blog comment thread (about both the design and the actual release of the compilation), like Ben said, nice video.

The following is excerpted from the Parris Wakefield portfolio.

Endeavouring to capture the essence of Joy Division and New Order, both Peter Saville and Howard Wakefield agreed that typography could be the link. They agreed that the Helvetica Heavy Italic from Technique, conveyed the ‘look’ of New Order, however Joy Division was predominantly uppercase. By merging the two, a TOTAL was created.

The design is a ‘nod’ to Run2’s commercial packaging; while the out-of-register CMYK references the perils of clients printing without proofs, which now-a-days happens all too frequently.

TOTAL was initially positioned as large as it would fit on the cover, only for the band to say it had too much white space.

Total Peter Saville Howard Wakefield

However, the ‘O’ was the sexiest letter, the overlapping letterforms created a further Technique / Run2 memory and funnily enough was the only letter to appear in New Order, Joy Division, and TOTAL. So Howard decided that to reduce the white space, he would zoom into the kaleidoscopic ‘O’ and wrap the rest around.

Total Peter Saville Howard Wakefield

Clients are always requesting ‘make it larger’, so here was an opportunity not to be missed. We love the irony that the final design is massive and out-of-register… yet beautiful.

“I realised this was a record that would be sold in supermarkets and advertised on television. So the cover has a ‘pile it high, sell it cheap’ aesthetic. As you open it out, it says ‘Total’, but folded up you just see the ‘O’s. It says, ‘From Joy Division to New Order’. I couldn’t bear the words ‘Best of’.”

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  1. This compilation is very good because it covers both great bands: Joy Division and New Order. Hellbent is a classic New order song, whatever this band touches turns to gold, I still can’t wait for the WFTSC leftovers, if Hellbent sounds this good which is a leftover from the WFTSC sessions just imagine how the other songs are going to sound, some of the leftover tracks are called Sugarcane, Madonna and Brothers and Sisters, I am very eager to listen to these.

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