It’s a bit like Google’s reverse image search, or TinEye, except more focused because the results are pulled from a database of trademarks.


It needs development with arranging results by closeness (as seen in the Adidas comparison), and it’s only as comprehensive as the amount of trademarks in the database, but searching by image is clearly better than searching by word, because a single mark can often be described using different terms.

There’s a 14-day trial on, or you can test it by searching EUIPO’s database with the free eSearch resource (EUIPO recently integrated TrademarkVision’s image recognition).

IP Australia hasn’t yet incorporated TrademarkVision into its search tool.

Via Mashable.


Great idea as long as they can get new logos added on a regular basis. I wonder if they could utilize Brands of the World to any extent to really flush this thing out. It’d be great to find out if anything we’re working on is bordering on complete unoriginality before we go too far down the road (granted other methods of research fail).

@Brandcouver Thanks Kyle! You’re right, timing is critical when it comes to brand protection, that’s why our database is automatically and constantly updated with new trademarks. We’re always exploring ways in which our technology can assist business and designers like yourself, and collaborating with Brands of the World, would be a fantastic option! If you have any questions or ideas, please reach out!

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