Upside-down logos

“With products in my house often positioned where they are seen sideways or upside down, we receive numerous negative brand impressions about Target daily. Now, of course, I cannot help but see “dn & dn” everytime I encounter Target house products.”

Target Up & Up logo

Gene’s right. Logos can take on unexpected meaning when you see them from a different perspective.

Dodge Viper logo
Dodge Viper, or Daffy Duck?

Chicago Bulls logo
Chicago bull, or odd-looking robot reading a magazine?

McDonalds logo
Golden arches, or OAP’s breasts? Winner of “Best Use of Bad Taste

Any others?

Somewhat related are these tasty ambigrams.

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  1. That’s great! I’m going to have to pay a little more attention.

    I had long known about alternative / hidden messages contained in certain logos (i.e. the Toblerone Bear; the little boy peeing in the camels leg of Camel cigarettes; the uterus in the Dodge Truck logo; or the clansmen holding a banner that translates to “we came, we saw, we conquered” between the horses legs in the Pall Mall (PM) logo on Marlboro cigarettes…this one was so talked about that Marlboro actually stopped printing the message and the banner is now blank, but you can still see the hooded clansmen.)

    Actually, speaking of Marlboro, when flipped upside down and read, it contains a racial slur and the Ascender’s of the ‘M’, the ‘l’, and the ‘b’ supposedly look like the legs of a tall hanging man and a short hanging man, often rumored to be that of a jewish man and another man of african descent. Google it, it seems a stretch until you see it, but when you combine that with the 3 hidden ‘K’s on the packaging, it does start to seem a little less coincidental and a lot more contrived.

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