Dan Clarke of Arkotype curates Game+Logo, a wistful Twitter profile featuring logos, wordmarks, and monograms from the video game industry.

I’ve cherrypicked some favourites.

Two-player Bubble Bobble on the arcade machine in Bangor Cineplex. Wrestlefest edged it, though.

Searching for details about The Links logo (above) I found this spellbinding piece of musical history — Everyday, performed in Omaha, Nebraska by The Links.

Shout out to classic multiplayer Everybody’s Golf.

I remember Syndicate — one of Bullfrog’s early successes. Theme Park was another.

The Last of Us is an all-time favourite, sat in the dark late at night.

The HAL logo is named “Inutamago” (Dog Eggs).

After the Atari 2600, the SEGA Mega Drive II was the second console in my house. Memories of two-player on Madden 94 with my big brother. Brilliant.

More at Game+Logo. Thank you, Dan.

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