I saw this a couple of years back on ISO50 but never got around to featuring it.

vintage logos

vintage logos

vintage logos

vintage logos

vintage logos

vintage logos

vintage logos

Too good not to share. View the full set on Flickr.


January 10, 2010


Nice collection.

I particularly like the PG one on page G-20. The connection between the two letters is kinda clever, although the right side of the G doesn’t seem quite right.

Nice find! More proof that good design stands the test of time. Of course people will always want their updates.. but lots of these are still lookin’ good.

There are many delicious designs here! I love seeing logos from past decades – partcularly the 60s and 70s.

One of my above favorites is the Englewood logo.

It’s always interesting to see logos from decades ago, you can see how design has progressed since and what factors have stood the test of time. Looking at these it’s clear the are all from the 60’s and 70’s, their usage of bold curved designs indicate this era well.

Looking at the PG design this has a few characteristics of logo design from this era, most notably the three lines effect. The same can be seen again in ‘The Georgian Group’ and ‘Gerard Martin’ logos. Obviously this was one of the design styles of the time that certainly hasn’t passed the test of time.

Having sheets of old logos such as this is always useful, if we can see what design factors can still be current decades on then we can learn how to create logos that will last for generations.

Some very inspiring stuff in there actually.

We can all I’m sure spot some shapes in there we’ve seen in some modern logos. Designers are often inspired by the past/other designers.

I love vintage and would look to see more vintage samples at Logo Design Love :)

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