“We believe a logo is at its best with a little dimension. Combine typography and machines and you have yourself a real shindig. The custom lettering adorning the sides vintage vehicles is a design category all to itself. At this weekends “Back to the 50’s” car show at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds, we collected this gallery of logotypes. For those with a serious script fetish, this might not be safe for work.”

Belvedere logotype

Ranchero logotype

Skylark logotype

Thunderbird logotype

Plymouth logotype

More via Beast Pieces.

There’s slo a fantastic collection of old car logos on Chromeography (thanks for the link, Gio).



My favourite has to be the Skylark logo, it’s so clean and proud, making a bold statement. It also makes me think of milkshake bars and diners.

The “A” in Skylark is mirrored. In my opinion at least… The form comes from writing with a broad pen. If that’s the inspiration the “A” is flipped.

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