“No we didn’t do the Virgin Australia logo, yes we think it’s a bit close for comfort…”

As mentioned previously, johnson banks crafted the Virgin Atlantic design.

Virgin Atlantic logo

Here’s the old mark for Virgin Blue, and the new Virgin Australia logo.

Virgin Blue logo

Virgin Australia logo

“The airline yesterday showcased the widebody and narrow-body versions of its new product on an Airbus A330 and Boeing 737. They sported a funky new Virgin logo designed by Australian Hans Hulsbosch.”

Excerpted from yesterday’s piece on The Australian.

More images on Australian Business Traveller (the vertical tail fins display a different design from that shown in the logo, featured below and also toward the end of the TV ad embedded at the foot of the post).

Virgin Australia liveryPhoto by Damian Shaw, courtesy of The Australian.

Virgin has a history of disparate brand identities, but I’m still left wondering, why hasn’t Virgin worked with johnson banks for the Virgin Australia update? Why the design differences from the recently redesigned Virgin Atlantic identity? How much does it actually matter?

Virgin Atlantic website
Virgin Australia website
Virgin Airlines rebranded to take on Qantas
Time-lapse video of Virgin Atlantic aircraft painting

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May 5, 2011


The Virgin brand for airlines (and in general) has visually become far too confused. Too many marks, not enough consistency. I think industry specific changes like putting the virgin name on a visual livery is fine, but having wide differences even within the same industry seems lazy.

Cheers Michael. I appreciate the correction.

Conway, messy? I agree. Hugely successful in spite of it? that too. Testament to how a brand is what others say about it (my experience on board Virgin Atlantic was great, albeit 10 years ago since I last flew with them). Would a more coherent identity help? I think so.

As for the commercial, it could have been more clear. The copy came and went a little to fast and overall the video had a huge build up but no solid end. They could have done this better with the music coming to an end as the plane took off? Also, the last thing you see is, “Virgin Australia,” and the planes have red smoke coming out of them, I feel the red smoke was too much and it left a bed impression.

It honestly just looks like they cut 2 logos in half and stuck them together. For such a big brand you think they would have better art direction when doing this project.

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