Here’s a nicely crafted monogram for Wall of Wally — an illustrative tribute to Wally Olins CBE, 1930-2014.

It was created by London-based Jamin Galea, who told me:

“I knew I wanted to call the project Wall of Wally, but I didn’t really plan to use a bowtie in the mark. I assumed that everyone would do that if given the opportunity. I liked the idea of using the two ‘w’s and that’s how the process started.

“As you can see, though, the symmetry of the ‘w’s and the ‘o’ naturally lead me to a bowtie shape, and I gave in.

Wall of Wally logo experiments

Wall of Wally logo experiments

“My final tricky design decision was about the thickness of the ‘o’. Should it match the width of the lines in the ‘w’ or not? When it matched, the ‘o’ looked too thick, so I had to visually adjust the thickness of the ‘o’ until it looked right.”

Wall of Wally logo experiments

Wall of Wally logo

If you’re interested in submitting an illustration to the Wally Olins tribute site, here’s the brief.

Wally Olins illustration
By Olivia Warren


The logo is amazing, and I always find it very inspiring to see examples of the beautiful evolution from simple idea to such a great design.

Did you know that Wally Olins was a freemason? That’s how he got all the banking projects. Many of his logos have hidden occult messages, like London Olympics which reads ZION. I think he also did the UK Lottery which hides a 666 number of the beast.

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