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Washington pot logo

I don’t have much to say about the “Washington pot logo” (via Steve).

But its a good reason to share the free-to-watch documentary, The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007). 8.1 on IMDb. It’s very good.

The Washington story reported elsewhere:

Here’s a sample label for Washington’s marijuana packaging (source).

Marijuana label Washington

“Warning- may be habit forming”

That’s a bit vague. Might as well say “Warning- might cause blindness.”

Still, it pales in comparison to Australian cigarette packaging.

Update: 09 July 2013
Washington drops marijuana leaf logo, on Creative Review

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  1. Legal debates aside I think the logo is pretty lazy, but I guess that encapsulates the spirit of the brand!
    It looks like a bad live trace and I agree with the article that it labels the whole state. Perhaps just some text wrapped around the circle would have been better than an uncentered mess on an even messier cutout of Washington. I’m from the UK though so apologies if that’s what Washington really looks like.

  2. Looks like they took a jpeg of the state, pasted a leaf onto it, and used the automated vectorize tool in Illustrator.

    Question: Shouldn’t they make the label hard to reproduce (like money) or is there little reason to copy it?

  3. Sean, That is hardly a heinous act. It’s democracy in action and while you may not support it, it doesn’t mean you have to partake. Prohibition is the heinous act. And I would be careful with your criticisms. I think this logo looks better and less dated than the majority of what’s in your portfolio.

    That being said, this has to be the worst live trace ever. I would gladly have done a better job for them.

  4. Brandon, I am sure Dave can delete either one of our posts here. I will leave it up to him. As far as your comment goes, your attacking the person I, which is unprofessional of you. I was making a comment about the act and the logo.

  5. @Rich agree 100%!

    I support the general idea of legalization for the moral and ethical purposes, but disappointed with the industry and how they go about it, this logo is a classic example.

    They have the opportunity to change the image of cannabis but instead they reinforce stereotypes and incite public protest by placing the leaf on the state.

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