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“I’m always looking at contours of objects. Lines are all around us and make the world we live in. I noticed that the contour of the bottles could be adjusted to reveal a pair of glasses. The first thing I did once I got home from the bar was to grab a piece of paper and sketched out my vision. I didn’t want to add too much colour so to not distract from the visual illusion, so the obvious colour choice of green, representing grapes used in the wine making process was an easy choice to make.

“If I were to design this logo again I would possibly spend more time on the type, but maybe the fact that the typeface is so simple helps the icon gain more recognition.”

That’s designer Gareth Hardy talking about his work on the Wine Searcher logo.

Wine Searcher poster design


leaving the typeface simple was a good choice I believe.

It is interesting how he mentions that inspiration struck him, but what really made the outcome was experience and research.

It is excellent.

simplicity is the key,that’s a good illustration that we can get inspirations from anything or anywhere :)

I love the logo – so simple and clever, how a logo should be! Shame they didn’t take the same care with the photos, you can see the camera equipment

It’s a lovely idea. The people behind wine searcher should use it. I agree, i’d update the type to something a little simpler and softer but the idea is so strong you could put any type under the symbol and it would still be great.

David, I’m confused. Was this design for an actual website? doesn’t feature this logo.

Seems more like logopond material than an actual identity.

This is the most fantastic use of brainpower I’ve seen in a while. Kudos to your logo design. I think the glasses and actual bottle are beyond genius. Please let us know what other logos you come up with. I may have to use you one day!

wouldn’t be more clever to have two bottles has a pair of binoculars? just saying, no offense =)

Thanks David for showcasing Gareth. He totally deserves it. Hope people check out his other work as well. I’ve been a fan for a while now. This is a great example of an “ah ha” moment that went from idea to paper beautifully. Well done Gareth!

“didn’t want to add too much colour so to not distract from the visual illusion”

Wow this its the best example of Less is more, nice logo!

Even with such a smart and well thought out logo, you still manage to get a few haters. Blows my mind. Great work, Gareth. Love what you said about looking at contours of objects and how lines are all around us and make the world we live in.

This is a once-in-a-designers-lifetime type mark in my opinion. Ok, maybe over the course of a lifetime I’ll hit on a few of these, but they are very rare.

The simple type is a seasoned move, but I would have chosen a different font (looks like a standard system font – Silom or Krungthep?)

Again, stellar work. Wish I’d thought of it.

Failed attempt! I think it’s the perfect case of a great idea poorly developed. It is a good occurrence, but the logo lacks presence and absence of entity. Its fine lines are lost in the distance and are swallowed by stronger images and logos. Sorry to disagree with other opinions, but the “minimalism” sometimes does not work.

I was about to comment the same thing that “loco” said.

It is a great idea and I would have liked to see the same implementation using binoculars.

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