Wrong Note

The Wrong Note symbol was designed by Alt Group in Auckland as a response to the AGDA Poster Annual 2011 by the Australian Graphic Design Association with a theme of “inspired by music.”

“The heads of the double quaver are formed by round black blots with a spattered look. The idea was to visually render how a wrong note sounds when played.”

Wrong Note poster

“In contrast to the consistent graphical representation of the beam and stems, the splattered contours of the two note heads immediately stand out, imparting to the beholder that something is indeed wrong.”

The idea stood out when I was looking through the impressive red dot edition of the International Yearbook Communication Design 2012/2013 (thanks for that, Birthe). Sure, it’s for a poster, but there’s something about how the unpredictable appearance of the ink pattern is used to show an unintentional occurrence. Just thinking as I type.

International Yearbook Communication Design

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  1. Quite a musical theme you’ve got going on here recently, David. Not planning a single are you?

    I saw something very similar to this in Japan a few years ago. I’ll post a link if I can find one.

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