classic logos

That’s what Creative Review and Brand New are asking, prior to dedicating the April issue of the CR magazine to the art of logo design.

I particularly appreciate clever logos, like these, and I’ve always been partial to a spot of negative space.

A favourite five? I’ll have to think. What about you?


I agree with the Layezee Beds logo, I have always admired the simplicity of that one.

As for my favourite 5! That is a hard one, going to try and figure this out today and repost.

Not a logo, but a brand character: Mr Bibendum. The man made of tyres. He expresses all aspects of the brand, from maps to restaurants.

With many logo’s, it’s not the logo itself, but how it has been used. I don’t think the Coca Cola logo is a great logo, but it’s a great brand. Nike has become a classic through exposure. Compared to the examples shown by David, hardly any large corporate identities get even close. I loved the Australian Yoga logo, well, all of them really, except the Brand union one.

I think my favourite logos are Atari, BMW Mini, Virgin, Tic Tac and Lego.

…now you’ve got me thinking about my least favourite logos as well!

I may be a homer but the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues logos are great as far as sports teams go. I also apreciate the FedEX, Harley Davidson, and the old Comedy Central logos.

I have two swedish favourites: “ICA” and “Vattenfall” I like the clean timeless look and then there’s Volkswagen, Statoil (Norwegian gas stations) and Nike… And there’s so many more…

I like clever logos too. I think that a designer must always pursuit a strong concept to hold the brand inside the logo.

But I like to analyze the whole context. Not only the logo design, but the full brand identity project.

Will be hard to choose!

Hi David,
Thanks for the run of thought provoking posts.
Do you think it’s possible to love a logo without loving the interaction you have with the brand first?
We can all appreciate beautiful and well executed design but the logos and brands we take to our hearts are the ones we have an emotional connection with.

I like Smart logos, Logos that are made out of passion, Logos that won international awards, for this means that it was well exposed to a variety of different professional people, and well appreciated. I like some famous logos, but some other famous logos make me so angry for they are everything but logos. Like Nike, Apple, FedEx, these are good logos.

I like some not so famous logos, because they were simply well done!

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