I rarely double-post between blogs, but I know many of you don’t keep tabs on Identity Designed, and this Zebra-inspired mark is worth another share.

Zebra logo

Zebra logo

Zebra logo

Zebra logo

The pattern adaptation is well done given that it’s not a simple repetition, and I’m glad to see the ‘ears’ (from the second image) were left off the final iteration. It’s less literal, sure, but more lasting and professional.

Designed by London-based Glazer for Sankara Nairobi.

View the collateral and rationale over on Identity Designed.


April 12, 2012


Love this post and how you show concept and doodles down to finished piece. Love how it mimics one of nature’s most striking animals.

One of the better marks shared on here in a while. The logo on its own is incredibly interesting and what makes it even better is the pattern it makes when the mark is repeated. Impressive.

This is not just a successful design on a logo, but the whole brand identity. Translating the pattern to the motive is an excellent idea too. Great job! :)

I simply love this design. I agree with your point about the ears too. I especially love the pattern that the logo is able to create when put together. Very inspiring stuff indeed. I must keep up-to-date with ID ;)

This logo is beautiful… I absolutely love it. So simple, yet so effective. I love the process too of where the designers found their inspiration…it just goes to show that inspiration really can be found everywhere! And the wonderful thing is it doesn’t automatically look like a zebra (unless you’ve seen the process behind the design). And definitely better without the ears! :)

Great post David!
This is quite inspiring and really shows in-depth thinking, creativity and analytical design. I happen to come from Kenya but am happy that the London Designers nailed it. This is just fabulous, now, compare that to the crowd sourced Haiti.


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