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The first comment you leave is held for moderation. That’s simply to dissuade the spammers from continuing with their merry games. Once you have a comment approved, any followup comments should go live immediately.

The following rights are reserved:

  1. There’s a chance your comment isn’t picked up, either through it being caught in the spam filter, or some other technical reason I’m not clued up on.
  2. There’s also a chance (albeit slim) that I won’t like the cut of your jib, and I’ll delete your comment before it reaches the light of love. The main reasons for deletion are unnecessarily negative or single-word remarks. If you criticise, please be constructive. Comments without an accompanying website are more likely to be deleted than those with.
  3. Keywords in the name field will be removed or substituted for something mildly amusing.

The vast majority of comments are extremely appreciated. Thanks for your patience, and for reading.


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