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Pulsating Sonos

Sonos logo

This got a ton of online press last week.

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The Canada wordmark

Canada wordmark

The design was adopted as a global identifier of the Government of Canada in 1980.

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The origins of Red Bull

Red Bull logo Thai

Sometimes, knowing when not to meddle with the magic is the thing that makes the magic itself.

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Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund

Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund business card

A logo to visually represent the legacy of Ann Maguire.

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Wedding planner logo

Probably my favourite logo from the website of George Lois.

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Loft Bar

Loft Bar patterns

Here’s a straightforward idea that often works well.

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An Authentic update

Authentic Jobs logo sketch

Sergey Shapiro updated the Authentic Jobs wordmark.

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Elephant Book Company

Elephant Books logo

For Elephant Book Company, by Grade Design.

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7up logo redesign

7up logo 2014

A new logo for soft drink brand 7up.

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Divvy, Chicago’s bike-share system

Divvy bike-share identity

The double-V ligature, is based on the guillemet or angled quotes.

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Who designed the Virgin logo?

Virgin Money signage

…a young designer scribbled the now iconic signature on a paper napkin.

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Sapo pattern

When you see the “before,” it can increase the value of the “after.”

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animodul by atipo

animodul identity

animodul is a brand of clothes and toys for children.

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Respublica University

Respublica University emblems

Fun identity work by Moscow-based Denis Bashev for Russian bookstore Respublica University.

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Reachin’ for Myeloma UK

Reachin identity

Reachin’ is a regular fundraising event for Myeloma UK.

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Design Matters: Tom Geismar

Enron logo

“…it’s not the logos’ design, it what stands behind them.”

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Elisa redesign, by Grow

Elisa logo

Finnish telecommunications firm Elisa has a new look.

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Oregon Scout Badges

Oregon State park logos

It’s a personal challenge, to step away from the work desk every once in awhile.

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A failure to acknowledge work as work

NO!SPEC logo

“…their failure to acknowledge the value of the work you’re doing.”

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A few things #3

Champions League star symbol

Phil Clements and the creation of the Champions League logo.

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