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CultureBus logo by Pentagram

CultureBus monogram logo

Pentagram partner, Kit Hinrichs, and designer, Mo Woods, have created a new brand identity for CultureBus.

CultureBus monogram logo

CultureBus is an initiative from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to provide locals and visitors with an easy, economical and eco-friendly bus service from downtown San Francisco to Golden Gate Park, with stops at many cultural institutions.

The CB logo brings together the letters C and B in a form that resembles a route.

CultureBus monogram logo

I’m not over the moon about the application, much like Khoi Vinh, but who knows what restrictions the design brief might’ve included? I do, however, very much admire the monogram logo. How about you?

CultureBus monogram logo

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26 appreciated comments

  1. I love the logo, agree that it’s not the best application but hey, it could have been ALOT worse!

  2. I love this logo. It’s so simple and thoughtful. It even works two ways, it’s a C merging with a B, and the inside of that forms a C as well. Really cool.

  3. Traci

    does anyone else think this looks like a butt? All I can see is this thing mooning me.

  4. I almost don’t mind the execution of the application.. bus advertising is often a little gaudy and borderline tacky, isn’t it? Although it does look as if they just looked for the largest uninterrupted space and said “yeah, whack her there!”

    the logo its self is quite nice, although it feels as if it’s aiming mostly at a younger audience who might use the bus with their parents or as part of a class trip?

    I must say though, seeing it as part of the ticket design in mono (image on the Pentagram page) makes me smile. It’s a cute logo.

  5. Like Alex, I do like the mono version of the logo. I think the actual concept of the logo is a great idea, but I reckon it could have been taken one stage further with the actual formation of the curves, as it kinda looks very ‘Comic Sans’ in my opinion.

  6. Splendid! I would love to wear a shirt with this logo on it even it is a public transport company. :D Anyone on the same boat?

  7. I love its simplicity. I can see where you can see a butt. Great logos will intrigue you and every time you will see it. It may evoke a different shape.

  8. Alex,

    They’ve definitely gone for a friendly appearance, and it does seem quite cute.

    Thanks for leaving your thoughts, everyone. Mainly positive… except for the mooning.

  9. Jasmine

    Love Love Love Love it!
    Just made me smile.

  10. Excellent Logo in my opinion. It’s simple, yet creative. It took me a minute to understand the C&B relation (that’s present on a few levels). Thats the sign of a well made logo: you think twice about it. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Jonathan Hughes

    I thought it was okay at first, but once I saw the C inside the B (I read it as just a B at first) I loved it. I think that some of the best logos are the ones that have some element that’s not immediately apparent (like the arrow in the FedEx logo). This is a perfect example of that kind of logo.

  12. Hey,

    I have been following posts of this blog since a long time, but today I could not stop myself from the urge of posting a comment too..

    Honestly the logo design works totally for me….its simple ans subsides to all the logo design boundaries…

    Something that makes a logo work I feel is not just the idea behind…but simple approach. The design should get embedded in one’s mind the very first time…and i feel this logo does that effortlessly… :)

  13. Well I think it’s a cute logo, very functional in terms of perception, and quite original.

    Its a shame that some US buses (as seen on the article photo) are so crapp-looking, with old fashioned style and forms, and metal strucure everywere…. just take a look to some “more European” buses like


    This logo suits much more in this kind of bus. What do you think?

  14. AL

    Yeah, it’s a nice logo but… does this initiative really need a logo?

  15. Love the logo, nice and friendly but I find all the hard work slightly ruined by the sharp edged info boxes alongside it on the bus, should have followed the softer theme with some round, bubble-like edges.

    Nice though, especially in white.

  16. Really like the logo…but that bus??? C’mon guys this is Pentagram we’re talkin’ about and the branding on that bus is pretty weak.

  17. Oh wow… That is awesome. LOVE IT

  18. zee

    It’s very very similar to this one: http://www.museuberardo.com

  19. Excellent logo… The negative space and the positive space play effective role here, amazing.

  20. Agree with Traci, just looks like a big bum to me! Not taken with it personally

  21. I like the logo for its simplicity, but I wonder if it would have received such praise if it had been designed by a studio other than Pentagram.

    My guess is no.

  22. Pedro

    My first tough: “It looks like Berardo Collection Logo”.

    You can ask: “Who’s that guy?”

    Answer: He’s just the owner of the largest private contemporary art collection in all world.

  23. It’s also a bit like Banque Continentale Du Luxembourg’s logo http://www.buttoncrs.com/images/banklogos/banquecontinent514.jpg

  24. Sherrie

    It looks like the head of a polar bear with it’s paws held out for a hug. Cozy, cuddly. The thickness of the line and the curves lend to this feel. http://www.tinypilot.com/gallery/my-november-polar-bear.jpg

    But this red and this orange are so “Stop” and “Yield” and all things warning and hazardous to me that the cuddly and cozy are sort of marred.

    CultureBus spelled out, very nice.

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