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Obama source code logo

ASCII art is nothing new, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen it used to incorporate a logo into a website’s source code.

Obama source code logo

I was looking at Obama’s website code after someone mentioned the site was built using ExpressionEngine (EE), and I’ve been wondering about the differences between EE and WordPress (the latter powers this site).

Tumblr’s source code does the same. Via @DNAtkinson.

Tumblr source code logo

Strange attention to detail.

From the archives: Obama logo ideas that weren’t chosen.

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8 appreciated comments

  1. Everytime ASCII art is added to the head of an HTML document, a developer dies.

  2. Dave

    So Obama’s site is powered by WordPress?

  3. Gudrun Strønnegüt

    Funny, the guys at the White House and the torrents uploaders on Pirate Bay have the same tastes…

  4. Ha ha, I thought the Obama one was the Internet Explorer logo at first.

  5. Gilbert

    Hehe, a friend of mine has been doing this for years! Check out the source for psmania.net (might need to zoom out the text a little bit).

  6. @coda… thats why its so impossible to get a development job? what about in the foot?

    @dave Obama’s site is on EE. LDL (and david’s other sites) are on wp.

  7. Its pretty neat but who the hell else reads the source code cept us? Of course that doesn’t mean next time I’m bored you won’t find one on my site as well.

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