Atari logo

Gamers of my age should always remember the Atari logo.

Atari logo

Atari logo

Designed by George Opperman in 1972, the logo represents a stylized letter ‘A’.

“Back in 1972, Atari’s claim to fame was ‘Pong,’ and George says the two side pieces of the Atari symbol represent two opposing video game players, with the center line of the ‘Pong’ court in the middle.”

Atari logo

Images and info from Art of the Arcade. Via AisleOne.

Atari 2600

Atari 2600 TV typeAtari 2600 photos via Wikipedia

This Atari commercial from 1978 made me smile.

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  1. Love this logo from my childhood. Loved the console too.

    There is one logo that I cannot find. I used to have a clock radio, one of the flip kind. The maker was Shark and the word Shark was in the form of a shark. I have been looking for that logo/clock radio for about a year now, with no luck. Do you remember that logo at all?

  2. Great post that brings back many memories. Thanks, David.

    This has always been one of my all-time favorite logos, both for the emotional attachment, but also for the amazing craft. It’s such a clever and well-rendered mark. And with the emotional power of the Atari brand behind it, it still has a tone of equity 40 years later.

    We’ve been doing research for another Atari-related project, and have found some of George Opperman’s thoughts and more explanation of the mark in an interview with Video Games magazine. There’s also some great stuff about his excellent design work at Atari too.

    On the Atari logo:
    “In 1972, George Ferraco of Atari asked me towork on something for their corporate I.D. Well, symbols are just visual nicknames that combine first letters and interpretive design elements. In six months I went through 150 designs. Anyway, I kept trying to stylize the ‘A,’ then I looked at Pong — their big game at the time. Pong had a center line and a force (the ball) that kept hitting its center from either side. I thought that (force) would bend the center outward. And that’s what I designed.”

    You can check out the whole article here:

  3. We are emotional creatures and anything that brings back memories or emotions will always have an impact on us. Atari was one of them and the hours of playing, I will never forget.

  4. Nobody mentioned that the logo looks a lot like the kanjis 爪 (tsume, “claw”), 川 (kawa, “river), and 小 (ko, “small”). It’s at least suspicious.

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