British Rail identity guidelines

Identity style guides from around the world

It’s helpful to see how style guides are presented, so I collected a few.

(Last updated: 22 January 2015)

  1. Adobe corporate brand guidelines (PDF)
  2. Alberta corporate identity manual
  3. Android brand guidelines
  4. Apple identity guidelines (PDF)
  5. Barbican identity guidelines (old)
  6. Bath Spa University brand guidelines
  7. Berkeley brand identity
  8. Best Buy brand identity
  9. Boston University brand identity standards
  10. Boy Scouts of America brand identity guide (PDF)
  11. British Council brand website (registration required)
  12. British Rail corporate identity manual
  13. Carnegie Mellon brand guidelines
  14. Channel 4 identity style guides
  15. Christopher Doyle identity guidelines
  16. Cisco logo usage and guidelines
  17. Code for America website style guide
  18. Columbia University visual identity (PDF)
  19. Cornell University brand book
  20. Dropbox logos and branding
  21. Duke University style guide
  22. easyGroup brand manual (PDF)
  23. Edinburgh Council brand guidelines (PDF)
  24. Esso Imperial Oil quick reference guide (PDF)
  25. Facebook brand assets
  26. Good Technology brand identity guide
  27. Google visual assets guidelines
  28. GOV.UK elements
  29. Haas School of Business style guide
  30. Heineken visual identity
  31. IEEE brand identity guidelines
  32. Jamie Oliver FRV brand guidelines
  33. Kew Royal Botanic Gardens brand guidelines
  34. Liberty University brand identity policy
  35. Lloyd’s brand guidelines (PDF)
  36. Macmillan identity guide
  37. MailChimp brand assets
  38. MasterCard brand center
  39. Microsoft corporate logo guidelines
  40. Mississauga’s Brand Story
  41. Mozilla Firefox branding
  42. NAMI identity guidelines
  43. National University of Singapore identity
  44. New York University identity and style guide
  45. NHS brand guidelines
  46. NYU-Poly identity style guide
  47. Ohio State University brand guidelines
  48. Ohio University brand standards
  49. Oregon State University brand identity guidelines
  50. Pacific University brand standards (PDF)
  51. Pearson brand guidelines (PDF)
  52. Penguin logo guidelines
  53. Princeton University graphic identity
  54. PRSA guidelines & logos
  55. Redfern brand identity guidelines (PDF)
  56. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College style guide
  57. Santa brand book
  58. Sapo (PDF, in Portuguese)
  59. Skype brand book
  60. The Beano Comic brand guidelines (PDF)
  61. The Scout Association brand guidelines (PDF)
  62. The University of Texas brand guidelines
  63. Twitter brand assets and guidelines
  64. Ubuntu brand guidelines
  65. University of Arkansas style guides and logos
  66. University of California brand guidelines
  67. University of Cambridge identity guidelines
  68. University of East Anglia brand identity guidelines (PDF)
  69. University of Louisville brand
  70. University of Northern Colorado identity style guide (PDF)
  71. University of Wisconsin-Madison brand identity guidelines
  72. Vanderbilt University graphic standards
  73. Virginia Tech identity standards
  74. Walmart brand center
  75. WordPress logos and graphics
  76. Yale University identity
  77. Yelp styleguide

Adobe brand guidelines

Walmart logo guidelines

Firefox logo guidelines

University of East Anglia logo guidelines

Skype logo guidelines

A few more in this handy resource: Find Guidelines. Via swissmiss.

And get some website style guide resources on

Logo Design Love, the book

73 thoughts on “Identity style guides from around the world

  1. What an extraordinary reference. Thank you. What a smart way to protect and preserve an organization’s valuable asset.

  2. I know I have posted above. But I was wondering if anyone here charges additionally for the style guide. I would include it on larger projects that are fully funded but not for smaller ones. Would be good to hear others on this.

  3. Thanks for this David – I can see a couple of weeks of heavy reading coming up!

    @Sean – I always charge for style guides; separately for large jobs, inclusively for small ones.

  4. David: This is good stuff… thanks. It’s definitely a great resource to share with our students.

  5. This is great!

    The University of Connecticut has a nice one designed by Peter Good.

    Web and link to PDF version. (Get the PDF version!)

    Peter did a great job of differentiating the three identities a university typically has.
    – The academic and marketing identity (what most would think of as the main identity).
    – The athletics or mascot identity. Not designed by Peter and very clearly just for and controlled by the athletics department. It is one of the better animal identities because it is not growling or waving a fist or too cartoonish. Just a noble and faithful Husky dog!
    – The integration of the identity into other areas, like the university hospital system or the presidents office.

    UConn has a pretty simple color palette but, many academic systems also include extra Pantone colors to be used for marketing or just for the presidential or university seal (gold, etc.). I don’t consider the seal to be part of this but, it could be a fourth “symbol” as well. But only for presidents stationary and diplomas, etc.

    Stanford University just redid their system too! It uses an altered version of a Gerard Unger typeface.

    I also like Vanderbilt University’s. Designed by the great Malcom Grear!

  6. Anyone know the agencies/designers behind these beautiful, functional pieces of artwork? May have a project that needs some good loving. Skeptical that these were all done internally, but I’ve been known to be wrong before. Thanks!

  7. I’m in the process of establishing a style guide for the City of Reno. This was a great blog post to come across for reference. Thank you!

  8. Now I really have an idea about how brand identity styles are presented before the final branding. Cool!

  9. I have always been interested in brand standards and style guides. At what level of a brand do you think this is necessary to include with a logo design? All cases? I feel like the company paying for the branding has to want it. If you give them rights to the logo/branding they can really do whatever they want with it once it is out of your hands, right? David, do you include brand style guides with all the brands you develop?

  10. I don’t, Andy. I’ll offer some examples of how a design can be used in context, but hardly any of my projects need a guide the size of some of these. Generally, the bigger the company, the greater the need, because more people will want a say in how the design is implemented.

  11. Really interesting and useful resource to refer to in many ways. As a small and growing business made me think more about our own branding and in house style guides and how we should do it!

  12. Does anyone have any examples of brand books for non-profit organizations? Im looking for BCRF, MMRF, Susan B Komen, American Diabetes Association. Basically the larger charities that are more complex.

  13. What a boon this list is; I’m about to create my first branding guidelines/press book for a logo I created for a radio station. It will be great to see how so many other designers and brands have handled showing the dos and don’ts. Thanks!

  14. If I’m looking for a specific fashion brand’s brand standards/style guide, would you be able to locate it?

  15. Does anyone have a style guide they have created that I could use as a template to get me started?

  16. Thanks for the information! It’s a one stop shop with a great peak into the professional world of guidelines and logos. These lists really help to give me a head start and are an excellent learning source. I am currently a design student looking for great design blogs to learn from and to gain more knowledge.

  17. Nice list. I’d like to see more brands from the NGO and BCC (Behaviour Change Communication) world. Anyone?

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