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Jägermeister logo

“The Jägermeister logo has been interpreted erroneously as a symbolic representation of the phrase, ‘Oh dear God.’ Perhaps a familiar refrain to those who have partaken too freely. The surrounding circle is the ‘O(h)’, the stag is the ‘dear’ and the cross represents ‘God’.”

Quoted from the book Champions of Design 2, written by jkr (December 2012).

Jägermeister logo meaning
Image via gagfun.com

The first Champions of Design book (free download) was featured on davidairey.com, and many of the case studies are shown on the jkr website.

The Hubertus legend

Here’s the actual trademark story (via the Jägermeister website):

“Only a legendary stag’s head would suffice, one with a beaming cross between its antlers. The stag that appeared to a wild hunter and converted him to Christianity. The same hunter who would later become the patron saint of all hunters: Saint Hubertus.

“This stag remains today, as it always has been, the Jägermeister trademark. A symbol of the preservation of our quality and tradition.”

Jägermeister bottle
Photo by Neha Sharma

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, second edition

5 appreciated comments

  1. Thank you for a little history lesson.

  2. iain

    Hmm. Always thought it was Saint Eustace.

  3. ‘The iconography of his legend is entangled with the legend of Saint Eustace’ -wiki

    not many logos that I know of have background stories like this. I’ll bet there are a few more out there…

  4. ‘Oh dear God’ Apt for my experiences with this drink. Fantastic brand and story.

  5. Susan Paugh

    Hahahaha! I love the history of the logo. And, yes, I have exclaimed after a night of partaking in the Jager shot, “Oh dear god.”

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