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Logo, by Michael Evamy

logo book michael evamy

Logo is a reference guide by design journalist Michael Evamy, published in 2007 by Laurence King.

logo book michael evamy

“Logo showcases the greatest logos in use today. Whether it is the product of a flash of inspiration or a flood of research, the logo remains one of the most powerful resources available to organisations for winning the attention of a global, time-poor audience.”

logo book michael evamy

I appreciate how most of the logos are shown in black, stripping the colour so that only the form remains. When I’m working on a client project I focus on shape and form until the latter stages, because form is where the meaning is, and colour is much easier to change.

logo book michael evamy

It would’ve been good to see more in the way of descriptions, but I realise this wasn’t possible due to the sheer number of logos showcased, and there is at least a note about the respective designers and dates of creation.

logo book michael evamy

Purchase Logo from Laurence King or on Amazon.co.uk (.com)

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44 appreciated comments

  1. Looks great! Good luck with the new blog.

  2. Hi Mark, it’s a great reference book. Thanks for the luck, and for the mention on your blog.

  3. Congratulations on the launch, David. A great idea. That reminds me: must send you samples of good Japanese logo design.

  4. Congratulations on your new blog’s launch David!

    As expected you excel at this one too! Nice articles. Best of Luck!

  5. Johno,

    That’d be superb if you sent Japanese logo samples. Thanks for the offer.


    Very kind of you.

  6. Looks like a great book!

    Congratulations on the new site. I’ve already subscribed and can’t wait to follow and read. Take care and good luck.

  7. PG

    Just curious, but is the “heart” for your blog logo supposed to be kinda weird in shape? It just doesn’t look very symmetrical.

  8. David, great start on sharing the “logo love.” Thanks for the mentions on day one.

    The Evamy book is a great resource. It should be a welcomed addition to any designer’s logo/identity library.

    – J.

  9. James,

    Thanks for subscribing buddy.


    I think I duplicated one half of the heart and flipped it, but I’ll make a note to double-check.


    You’re very welcome for those mentions. You keep writing great content and I’ll keep recommending you.

    All the best.

  10. David, I am not sure whether this book is something I need to add to my collection (he he – lately I only bought belletristic). I am missing something in your review… You are so passionate about what you write at davidairey.com. This review let me hungry for more. I am sure it is a good book, but do you love it or is there some other book you like more? ;)

  11. Hi Mig,

    You could say that a lot of logo design books are purely aesthetic, but this one goes further with a well-written intro, and valuable notes about the majority of logos. Saying that, I always want to know more about process and thinking, which is why ‘Marks of Excellence‘ is next on my shopping list. It focuses on the more popular designs around the world, giving more specific details along the way.

  12. David I would be interested in knowing what books on design you actually own? And your favourites? I have had a look at this book in the library, pretty resourceful.

  13. Hi David,

    Nice blog and information, I am going to order this book :)

    Also, it was very interesting to find your “logodesignlove.com” blog because I have “I love logo design” page on my website where I collect interesting information and facts about logos :)

    Good luck with your blog!

  14. WOW! Thanks, David. I heard about that one. Actually, after reading this review on your new and awesome blog, I’ve done my homework and decided to buy it. Knowing about logo trends and design in general is vital in my line of work.

  15. Vitaly,

    Thanks for the compliment. It’d be great to know what you think of the book when it arrives.


    I’ll be covering more books here, and probably over on davidairey.com for different design-related books.


    Are you buying the ‘Logo’ book or the ‘Marks of Excellence’? Regardless, I hope you enjoy either purchase, and you’re very welcome.

  16. logo

    ‘Logo’ is a really good book, but make sure you get the 2nd edition, as the first edition is incorrect…

    say no more!

  17. I did notice that a few of the index entries don’t lead to the proper pages. Still, it’s a small price to pay for an excellent book.

    Was there something else you were referring to?

  18. logo

    Oh I didn’t notice that, but what i did notice was work credited to the wrong designer, bit of a shocking story, but no fault of the publishers or the author, anyway, it’s been amended, so you’ ll just have to look for it in the 2nd print :)

  19. I own this book and I love love love it, great resource to have to hand and flick through to stir the creative juices

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