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The ubiquity of similarity

Subterranea Britannica

An example of how coincidence can occur without malice.

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English Heritage

English Heritage John Lennon

Adopted in 1984, the symbol indicates the locations of more than 400 historic sites.

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Color Works

Color Works

A useful looking colour resource co-authored by Eddie Opara and John Cantwell.

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Aston Martin logo evolution

Aston Martin badge

In 1927 the AM monogram was replaced with the iconic Aston Martin wings.

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Islamic Solidarity

Islamic Solidarity symbol, by Alan Fletcher

Classic Fletcher.

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New SFA logo axed a few days after launch

New SFA logo axed

It took months to complete, but the new SFA logo has already been axed.

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Jigsaw logo

Jigsaw is the production company of Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney.

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Milton Glaser on the Florence logo

Milton Glaser

Not only is it inadequate and doesn’t serve its purpose, but it is also stolen.

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Origins of the Mitsubishi emblem

Mitsubishi logo

The mark is said to be an arrangement of two family crests.

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Inaugural Brand Impact Awards winners

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

The winners of the first Brand Impact Awards were announced last week.

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Signet Signal Symbol

Signet Signal Symbol

“Essentially the vintage edition of Hyland & Bateman’s Symbol.”

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Warner Bros

Warner Bros logo

Literally hundreds more on the Warner Bros logo page, by Christian Annyas.

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Coffee logo rip

LogoThief. Documenting logo thefts and plagiarism.

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A few things

Curious Space

Mark Bloom’s work for Curious Space in collaboration with May Ninth.

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Quick thoughts on trademark infringement

Registered trademark symbol

“I still think the client will get sued…”

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NYCFC crest

Fans have been quick off the mark.

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Sismyk identity

Inspired by the shock waves caused by large-scale music events.

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Ann Stupak

A special thanks to Ann Stupak.

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The Chain Reaction Project

The Chain Reaction Project card

The namecard creates its own chain reaction. You can pass it on to three other people.

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Made in Britain, by The Partners

Made in Britain logo

In June 2013 The Partners were commissioned to redesign the logo.

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