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Brand Memory Game

Brand Memory Game

A quick exercise on the prevalence of particular brands.

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Paramount logo evolution

Paramount Pictures, from 1912 to present.

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Death Pop logos

Death Pop logos

Mark Hall-Patch created these death metal logos of pop stars.

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Moving Brands does HP

HP identity design by Moving Brands

I can’t remember seeing a more impressive, in-depth brand identity project than what Moving Brands has done for HP.

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Unilever icons explained

Unilever logo

The logo consists of twenty six icons intricately woven together to form a U.

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Trademark symbols, what’s the point?

TM symbol

Is there really any point in using trademark symbols? I’m talking about the ® and ™ we sometimes see attached to logos.

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MGM Grand logo, yours for just £29

MGM Grand vector

And here’s a vector lion available for £29 from Shutterstock.

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Symbol? Or wordmark?

Renault symbol

When should a CEO choose a wordmark, and when a symbol?

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London 2012 alternative

London 2012 logo alternative

“I know I’m too late but I’ve designed a logo for London 2012.”

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Carlsberg logo translations

Carlsberg logo translations

Danish, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Russian.

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Brand USA

USA logo

In designing the identity we wanted to find a logo that was both aspirational and true to the heart of the country.

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Brandstack closes, leaves designers out of pocket

Brandstack symbol

After three years in business, Brandstack has closed its doors, leaving designers unpaid for the work they sold.

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Matías Nadal’s piano keys monogram

Matias Nadal logo

I really like this monogram for composer Matías Nadal.

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Australia bans logos on cigarette packaging

New Australian legislation will force tobacco companies to use plain packaging.

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Chevron logo

Some of the best logos are obvious, that’s what makes them resilient.

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Crack one open

Pepsi butt crack

Pepsi logo illustration by MODY-89.

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Broighter Gold

Broighter Gold

There’s a lot of gold in them there fields.

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British Steel logo

British Steel logo

Only later did I discover that steel was bent in order to test its strength — so I used this as a rationale, but I didn’t know that at the time!

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De-cluttered logos

De-cluttered logos

These ones are accompanied by the respective brand names on their websites. Perhaps they’ll move to ditch the name online (as Apple and Nike have).

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Handlettered logos from defunct department stores

Sibley's logo

Lovely collection pieced together by Christian Annyas.

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