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2012 Olympic non-events

2012 Olympic pictograms

While these events enjoy no official status, they represent some of the most popular participation sports in the UK.

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Rio 2016 Paralympic Games logo

Rio 2016 Paralympic logo

I just watched the “brand video” (embedded and screen-grabbed) for the Paralympic Games that gives an interesting glimpse of the work involved.

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Waterstones reveals new (old) logo

Waterstones apostrophe

Waterstones, the UK’s largest high street bookseller, has today revealed a new logo.

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Combined logos

Combined logos

Reminiscent of johnson banks’ logo mash-ups.

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British Rail’s double-arrow

British Rail symbol

The company name was shortened to British Rail and Gerry Barney of the Design Rearch Unit conceived the famous ‘double-arrow’, a remarkably robust and memorable icon that has far outlasted British Rail itself and continues to be used on traffic signs throughout the United Kingdom as the symbol for the national rail network and more specifically railway stations on that network.

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Logo > Queen

London 2012 stamps

Royal Mail said it was the first time a logo had been beside the Queen’s head on a “definitive” (everyday) stamp.

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More honest logos

Apple logo

Remember those honest logos from back in April? There are more.

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Penguin logo evolution

Penguin logo evolution

I went straight off to the zoo to spend the rest of the day drawing penguins in every pose.

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watching words move

Watching Words Move

First published in 1962, this work of experimental typography uses letters in a single typeface, Helvetica, to achieve surprising results — motion and narrative, emotion and humor.

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LogoGarden secures $2M in funding

Benjamin Franklin

What do you get if you plagiarise the work of hundreds of designers and sell their intellectual property for personal gain?

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Brand Memory Game

Brand Memory Game

A quick exercise on the prevalence of particular brands.

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Paramount logo evolution

Paramount Pictures, from 1912 to present.

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Death Pop logos

Death Pop logos

Mark Hall-Patch created these death metal logos of pop stars.

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Moving Brands does HP

HP identity design by Moving Brands

I can’t remember seeing a more impressive, in-depth brand identity project than what Moving Brands has done for HP.

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Unilever icons explained

Unilever logo

The logo consists of twenty six icons intricately woven together to form a U.

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Trademark symbols, what’s the point?

TM symbol

Is there really any point in using trademark symbols? I’m talking about the ® and ™ we sometimes see attached to logos.

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MGM Grand logo, yours for just £29

MGM Grand vector

And here’s a vector lion available for £29 from Shutterstock.

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Symbol? Or wordmark?

Renault symbol

When should a CEO choose a wordmark, and when a symbol?

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London 2012 alternative

London 2012 logo alternative

“I know I’m too late but I’ve designed a logo for London 2012.”

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Carlsberg logo translations

Carlsberg logo translations

Danish, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Russian.

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