Wiggins logo sketches

Wiggins wordmark refinement, by Dalton Maag

Logo Modernism

Logo Modernism

DC Comics style guide

DC Comics style guide, 1982

MLB logo

The evolution of Major League Baseball logos

Moccato packaging design

Moccato, by Plau Design

Mexico 68 logo

A brief interview with Lance Wyman

Rolling Stones jet

Rolling Stones Hot Lips

Mr Cooper Ice Cream logo

Mr Cooper: ice cream for grown-ups

Dubonnet man

The graphic art of the advertising mascot

2, 3, 4

How many options do you give your clients?

Montblanc Cidade Jardim

The Montblanc star

Alphabet Logo

Alphabet Logo, from Counter-Print

Newsbeat identity

BBC Newsbeat, by Moving Brands

BEAR LTA identity design

Rebranding the LTA’s Major Events

Oculus logo signage

Oculus redesign