Burger King logo Ian Brignell

The ubiquitous work of Ian Brignell

Hitchcock with lion

The history of the MGM lions

Freeview guideline sheet

A new Freeview logo and identity

Logo Michael Evamy mini edition

What does a designer need to consider when designing a logo?

Sonos logo pulse

Pulsating Sonos

Canada logo signage

The Canada wordmark

Red Bull logo Thai

The origins of Red Bull

Wedding planner logo

I DO, by George Lois

Elephant Books logo

Elephant Book Company

7up logo 2014 bottle

7up logo redesign

Divvy Bike Share identity

Divvy, Chicago’s bike-share system

Sapo logo frog


animodul identity

animodul by atipo

Respublica University tiger logo

Respublica University

Enron logo signage

Design Matters: Tom Geismar